Eco-Eye Smart PC

Eco-Eye Smart PC

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Eco-Eye Smart PC Electricity Monitor, Everything you need for PC connectivity in one box.

Recommended for: Families, Couples, Small offices

Price: £60.00

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Daily Target Graph Data-Logging Demand only monitor Dual Tariff Includes Transmitter and Sensor LED Traffic Lights USB Wall Mountable

Everything you need for PC connectivity in one box. The Smart PC Energy Monitor comes complete with an Eco-eye Memory Card and a USB cable which uses our open source Trax software, increasing your data storage capacity to 10 years (at 4-second resolution).

You can choose to transfer data in real-time via the USB interface cable or data saved to the Memory Card – which means you don’t have to keep your PC on 24/7. Ideal for managing your usage in more detail so you can get the bigger picture by examining usage trends and patterns.


Product Displays

  • KW- Hour, day, week, month, year (instant load)
  • Cost (£,$,€, Money Icon) - Hour, Week, Day, Month, Year
  • Amps
  • Time 
  • Temperature (at Display)
  • Programmable Display
  • Target Graph 
  • USB (included)
  • Memory Card (included)


Pack contains:

1 x Smart display unit

1 x standard 13 mm sensor and cable

1 x Transmitter

1 x Eco-eye Memory Card

1 x Data cable

2 x AA batteries

2 x C cell batteries

Plastic access key


  • Mason Murray (Isle of Wight)

    I have personally experienced the staff at Eco-Eye to be professional, provide an excellent level of service from initial technical advice through to product delivery, supply an excellent range of reliable products which provide extremely good value and even better Made in Britain

    The products have been used in a number of different applications on the Isle of Wight within the residential, commercial, industrial and educational sectors, have identified previously unknown energy wastage situations, ie an unused hot water tank in a friends loft at their home in Bembridge being heated by a 2 Kw electric heating element 24/7 over several years, an under floor electric heating system at Busy Bee Garden Centre in Ryde being automatically switched on overnight in the middle of the summer, also providing confirmation and evidence that existing energy saving initiatives were effective in another friends home in Apse Heath and most importantly has been an extremely useful educational tool for children at Brading Youth Club and also at the Isle of Wight College whos moto is If You Want The Knowledge Then Come To The College

    We currently use the Eco-Eye Smart PC in our range of Electric Vehicle Smart Charge Points currently installed around the island, an example of this is in a number of hotels where guests stay on vacation, charge their electric vehicles overnight, the hotel then has evidence of electric consumption per individual guest from each individual EV Smart Charge Point and then has the option to make an informed decision to absorb the electricity cost by providing free EV charge point electricity to guests as an incentive.

    I have used a range of Eco-Eye products in a good number of applications since 2010, hope to continue and enhance our relationship during 2018 and subsequent years to come.

    Well done Eco-Eye team.


    Mason Murray.

    Site Facilities Manager at Medina House School on the Isle of Wight.

    Norman Dawes

    These guys are so very easy to deal with!
    Why not 5 stars?
    Unfortunately, it took 3 attempts to get a properly working device but now we have it we are delighted with it. The detail of information that you can access is amazing and it has been instrumental in both reducing our electricity usage and making us very aware of how we use the energy we do use.
    Despite the initial problems, everything was sorted out without fuss and very fast. The people we spoke with were knowledgeable and very helpful. The only thing they wanted to do was help us and get us up and running.
    Many thanks guys and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!


    My scenario was heating with Gas Warm Air, but assisted by a Storage Heater. The storage heater failed Spring 2016, was advised impossible to obtain spare parts, so decided to run on Gas Warm Air only. I was on a N / D tariff, but with only 4 units consumed / N, I was clearly paying over the odds for D units on this tariff. My supplier refused to allow me to change to a single Tariff, and quoted 2020 before they would install a dual rate Smart Meter! I changed supplier to take on a fixed single rate tariff, N + D are added together, plus a promise of a Single Rate Smart Meter "soon".
    This turned out to be forecast as a 2-year wait, so I purchased the eco - eye. One would think that not running a 3.1KW storage heater over the Winter months would see our bills reduced, but unfortunately not. Having been sheltered on a fixed term tariff for nearly 2 years, we were dismayed by the 1st quarter bill, so some means of identifying savings was urgently needed!
    I bought the eco-eye PC version, straight forward to set up, one or two initial problems which were swiftly sorted, and we were away! An old Fridge running 24/7, faulty thermostat, perished door seals and low gas, was quickly found. Switching that off alone has probably saved the cost of the eco - eye over a quarter. Other economies spotted on the screen included switching off lights in unoccupied areas, switching the computer and TV off when not in use etc.
    I am absolutely delighted with my purchase, I don't care if I never get a smart meter now, I can see all that I need to use this fantastic monitoring device and already covered its cost in power savings over the next quarter.


    Installed this piece of kit a few weeks ago and was very pleased to find how easy it was, the instructions are very clear on a separate piece of paper and at the end it suggest to try turning on a kettle to see if it has been correctly installed, sure enough the numbers on the display shoot up showing a real time reading of electricity usage leaving you satisfied and at the same time giving you a better perspective on your electricity usage. Does the job and more with the PC connectivity and at a reasonable price.

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